Thursday, June 4, 2009


And now, we move from the main protagonist to the main antagonist!

King Sonic T. Hedgehog
Age: 23
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Green
Occupation: Ruler of Suibom, mayor and city council of all cities and towns within, owner and CEO of 80% of companies, businesses, and sports teams
Favourite Food: Chilidogs
Favourite Movie: The Life and Times of Our Most Glourious Leader, His Majesty King Hedgehog I
Weapon of Choice: Vast Military Forces

The mirror version of Sonic is a greedy, power-hungry, egotistical tyrant who rules the mirror world of Suibom with an iron fist. As a child, he was ostracized for his tendency to overeat and his severe lack of speed. This, coupled with his immense lust for power, led him to unearth one of the seven legendary Rings of Order, and use its powers to overthrow the current government and install himself as dictator of the world. He then proceeded to run the world into the ground in his pursuit of ultimate wealth by nullifying all ecological laws, allowing his industries to set up shop anywhere he pleased; removing all federal funding, allowing the cities to fall into disrepair; and setting a global income tax rate of 72%. Despite this, the majority of people are happy with his rule; King Sonic's police and military forces generally leave the commonfolk alone if they follow his laws.

When he is not making important political or financial decisions or appearing in public to speak to the populace, King Sonic enjoys eating, relaxing in his hot tub with his hired harem, abusing his staff, and looking at himself in the mirror.

Note: It is punishable by death on Suibom to make fun of King Sonic's weight. Doing so would be very ill-advised.

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