Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hi Everyone!

So, I got tired of people asking me "how is your fangame coming along" so i decided to start up a blog to track my progress. it's nothing fancy right now, but hopefully over time it'll get better.
For the first post, I guess I'll do a bit of an introduction to the game. This BIFFgame (working title it'll be better trust me) is a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame created with RPG Maker XP. It's going to be an RPG heavily influenced by Mother 3, and based off the storyline from the critically-acclaimed Badly Illustrated Fan Fictions, as well as the even more acclaimed MS Paint Chaotix.. All in all, athe main goal of this project is to create a Sonic game that's many times better than the crap SEGA spews out nowadays, and just to have fun with the characters and junk.

Later, I'll be posting more about the plot of the game, as well as character profiles, screenshots, and general info as time goes on, simply because I like to share things I've done with others.

For those of you who've been previously aware of this, I hope this fills your want for info on this project of mine, and for those of you who stumbled across this blog somehow, I hope you'll like what I'm doing and check back once in a while. This'll be hopefully a great way to get this fangame out in the public eye and get more people interested in it.

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