Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So here's an idea I had a while ago: post some quick write-ups on the characters of BIFFgame, just to show off how I've utterly destroyed them. What better place to start than with the main man himself?

Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 23
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Green
Special Ability: Speed
Occupation: Hero/Pizza Deliveryman
Favourite Food: Chilidogs
Favourite Movie: The Fast and the Furious
Weapon Of Choice: Shoes

Sonic here has probably gone through more than any other character: his girlfriend Sally was murdered, he was framed for crimes he didn't do, his best friend killed himself then came back from the dead to murder him, he defeated the evil side of his mind, and is currently fighting for his life against Alex Kidd in MS Paint Chaotix. The things he's gone through have left some deep mental scars, but despite all this, he's still a happy-go-lucky guy, always quick on his feet and ready to save the day against Robotnik and his cronies. He places a high value on his friends, and would sacrifice himself for their safety if he had to. Unfortunately, this leads to him being a bit overprotective about the ones he cares about, especially after what happened to Tails...
Sonic also has a tendency to let his emotions control him sometimes, and he has a tendency to do before thinking, but otherwise he's a pretty well-rounded person and most everyone likes him (maybe some people like him a little too much).

Being the main character, he plays a very important role in the game, and except for a couple instances he will always be in the party. (A selectable party system is in the works, where you can choose from a variety of party members to be in a party of four)

I plan on doing one of these profile things every couple of days or so, so expect more walls o' text later.


  1. Looking at the little faceplate for Sonic, it looks as if you've redone it to be more official-Sonicy and less BIFF styled. Am I right?

  2. Yep, I wanted the face portraits to look a little more official, just because.