Monday, June 15, 2009

witty title

Emily "Emi" Tulip
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Green
Occupation: Lead Guitarist
Favourite Food: whatever
Favourite Movie: Doesn't watch movies, prefers MTV
Weapon of Choice: Guitar

This is Emi. She is a punk rocker chick. She was in a band once, but the other members got carted off to prison. She also hates King Sonic like nobody's business. She hates him so much she leads the resistance force called Citizens Against Sonic (CAS). This six-man group saves people from King Sonic's prisons, tries to mess up his public appearances, and overall fights for their freedom, which brings her unwanted good reception among the citizens of Suibom.
hur, freedom fighters

Emi is STRAIGHT EDGE, she hasn't touched alcohol or drugs once. She is also kind of mean and spiteful, and likes to flagrantly disregard laws for kicks.

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