Sunday, June 7, 2009

crawling in my skin

Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: Deceased (16 at time of death)
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Blue (Red when mutated)
Occupation: "Best friend" to Sonic
Favourite Food: his soul is too empty to enjoy things like food
Favourite Band: Linkin Park
Weapon of Choice: Hedge Clippers

One winter when he was young, Miles ran away from the orphanage he lived in after finally being unable to stand the taunting of the other kids about his physical deformity of an extra tail. He made his way to a forest outside of Spring Yard, where he would have frozen to death if Sonic hadn't come across him and decided to take care of him. Miles was a very smart boy, and developed a love for mechanics after Sonic was awarded a biplane for his heroic efforts. However, all was not well for Miles. He was still constantly berated for his deformity, being constantly called "Tails" against his wishes; and he would constantly be the target of abuse for Sonic's evil side, being beaten within an inch of his life for simple mistakes like runing into bombs on the Special Stage. Miles vented his frustration by taking a page from Shadow's book and becoming "emo". Despite everyone around him believing it was a phase, Miles' pain and anger culminated in him shooting himself and his then-girlfriend.

Later on, Miles was revived somehow (actually, he simply walked out of the afterlife when Death was distracted) and pledged to get revenge on Sonic for all the pain he had caused. After falling in toxic chemicals at the Chemical Plant Zone, Miles' body fused with various gardening tools he had on his posession and he became a mutated psychopath hellbent on revenge. Dubbing himself the "Hedgehog Clipper", he attempted to kill SOnic with various weapons he had outfitted the Tornado with; but ultimately failed, crashing it. He did get his revenge, though, as he managed to sever Sonic's vocal chords and shoot out his kneecaps before he died. Sonic would get surgery to repair his voice and knees later (omg mspc spoilers!), but for now the impact of what Miles had said and done would crush him.

I don't know if Miles himself will make an appearance in BIFFgame, but he will be mentioned/apear in flashbacks/etc.

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