Saturday, June 27, 2009

i say

Silicon T. Hedgehog
Age: 28
Hair Colour: Gray.
Eye Colour: Yellow
Occupation: Inventor
Favourite Food: Tea
Favourite Movie: The motion pictures are highly intriguing!
Weapon of Choice: Flintlock Pistol

Silicon comes from the early 1900s, where he was an accomplished scientist and inventor, creating such things as launch springs and a forerunner to today's ring monitors. However, his greatest inventionwas actually a time machine, which he used to travel to the present-day Suibom. He managed to dismantle the time machine before King Sonic could get his hands on it, which unfortunately left him stranded in the present.

As an educated man, Silicon is very serious and professional; even in the face of danger he keeps his composure. He is at a loss when it comes to modern technology, but is highly proficient in such areas as steam mechanics, tube electronics, and has even been known to dabble in medicines and tonics.

Monday, June 22, 2009

dreemz uf a absulushun

Silver the Hedgehog
Age: 19
Hair Colour: Well....silver.
Eye Colour: Yellow
Special Abilities: Psychokinesis
Occupation: Mailman
Favourite Food: Coffee
Favourite Movie: Doesn't remember, hasn't seen a movie since Blaze...
Weapon of Choice: Whatever he can pick up and launch at people

Silver came to Mobius from the future with his best friend/girlfriend Blaze many times to help Sonic save the world. This constant time travel began to cause Silver to lose his mind, transforming from being slightly dependent on Blaze to being completely unable to live on his own, as well as forgetting important details such as his life before time travel. Because of this, Blaze agreed to stay in the present with him, taking care of him and helping him learn how to be self-reliant again. This all changed when one night while they were out on a walk together, Blaze was hit and killed by a drunk, speeding Shadow. Witnessing this event caused the already mentally fragile Silver to spiral into a major depression which affected his life enough to cause him to lose his job and be admitted into the Green Hill Mental Asylum. He would later be locked alone in a padded cell due to his violent outbreaks, fed protien shakes and administered untested trial medications for three years, until being rescued by an unwitting Amy. After escaping, he began to remember more and more, and currently resides in a small one-bedroom apartment; hiding from the asylum workers, living on coffee and increasingly ineffective antidepressants and spending his free time with a trashcan he uses as a stand-in for Blaze.

Silver is very anxious and frightens easily, and is usually gentle, but whenever he feels very depressed or threatened and angry, he adopts an out of control, violent, homicidal persona he calls Killver. Killver is incredibly focused, not hesitating to use his telekinesis to destroy anything in his path to get his revenge. Luciky, Silver is able to regain control most of the time before anything major happens.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

nasty as a one-eyed snake, sugah

Coffee "Bunnie" Rabbit
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Cream
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: Self-proclaimed Southern belle
Favourite Food: Sweet potatoes
Favourite Sport: NASCAR
Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Coffee and her family used to be very mean people, defnding their property form anyone who dared get close. That all changed when an unserviced natural gas pipe exploded, flattening Coffee's trailer and killing her mother Chocolate and her guardchao Milk. It would have killed her too, if the good Dr. Ivan Robotnik didn't find her body in the wreckage and replace her legs and left arm with his prototype robotic prosthetics. Coffee realized that Robotnik saved her through the kindness of his heart, and learned to be kinder towards others. So touching ;o; She blames King Sonic and his lack of care for her mother's death, and is one of the more active members of C.A.S.

Coffee can be a bit abrasive towards people, but is nicer when she gets to know them better. She has a bad habit of calling people "sugah", and doesn't go anywhere without her trusty shotgun in case she has to fill someone with buckshot.

so yeah. anti-cream is basically bunnie from satam.
it works insanely well
SPEAKING OF INSANE i might post the next character later tonight

Saturday, June 20, 2009

idk my bff jill

Cream the Rabbit
Age: 15
Hair Colour: Well...cream, I guess
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: Social Butterfly
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Favourite Movie: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Weapon of Choice: Purse

Like, oh my god, Cream is so, like, totally fashionable, and she, like likes to go to the mall, and hang out, and like it's so totally awesooooome

Okay, I can't write like that anymore.
In the six years between the actual Sonic games and BIFFgame, Cream has become an average teenage girl: she loves clothes and boys and she talks on the phone all day. Sadly, she neglects Cheese now; Cream is more concerned with the aforementioned clothes and boys and talking on the phone all day to pay attention to Cheese. She's also drifted farther apart from her mom, Vanilla, claiming she's "such a killjoy" and "totally doesn't understand like, how important this stuff is". Cream also has a secret crush on Charmy, but doesn't tell anyone in fear of being shunned by her peers.

Cream probably won't play too important of a role, but her mirror version will :D
are you excited? cause i am

Friday, June 19, 2009

the ultimate <3form :3

Sunbeam the Hedgehog
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Pink
Occupation: SoniCorp IT Technician
Favourite Food: Protein Bars
Favourite Music Genre: Easy listening
Weapon of Choice: Tennis Racket

Sunbeam was created on the underwater colony SHUTTLE fifty years ago by an esteemed biological scientist as the perfect companion for his daughter Marissa, as his time in the world was not to be much longer due to cancer. However, after her father's death, Marissa couldn't bear to look at Sunbeam anymore, so she placed him in stasis, where he rested until approximately six years ago, when he was unwittingly released during a raid by King Sonic's troops. Sunbeam now lives a simple, happy life, living in an apartment in downtown Genocide City and going to work every day. He is a member of C.A.S., where he tries to fulfill his original purpose by making sure the other members are happy and positive.

Sunbeam is a very positive guy, always looking on the bright side of things; however he is very nervous sometimes and gets scared easily. He is kind of shy around people he's never met, but opens up once he gets to know people better. Sunbeam is a big health nut, and always carries around a few protein bars in his fanny pack. He loves nothing more than a good round of tennis and keeping his friends cheery. He has a crush on one of the secretaries at the SoniCorp office where he works, but is too nervous to ask her out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

all hail shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red
Special Abilities: Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Consume
Occupation: G.U.N. Espionage Agent
Favourite Food: all of it
Favourite Music Genre: Death Metal
Weapon of Choice: Guns. Any kind, any size, as long as it shoots stuff and kills people/blows stuff up he likes it.

Shadow is a real piece of work. He was created on the Space Colony ARK as the Ultimate Lifeform, and lived somewhat happily until the girl who cared for him, Maria Robotnik, was killed. Now, six years fresh out of stasis, he suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He constantly flashbacks to his time with Maria, sits in the dark and broods about his past, pushes everyone around him away by being unfriendly and explosively angry, has a tendency to self-mutilate, and has developed major bloodlust and love for weaponry; he is able to let many of these tendencies loose in his job as the Guardian Units of Nation's top espionage agent. Most recently, he has attempted to use food as an escape from his problems, but this failed. He ended up gaining 1700 pounds, requiring an emergency liposuction and countless hours in skin removal surgeries, all paid for by his employer. Shadow is now trying to battle his eating disorder with a strict diet, on threat of G.U.N. demoting him to a desk job.

Despite his angst and anger, way deep down in his shriveled up, black, empty heart, there is a small spark of kindness towards the ones who call hin their friend. If someone is suffering, he attempts to help them indirectly or in private so as to keep up his image and not show any weakness. And remember, HE IS THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM. WHY DOES NOBODY GIVE HIM THE RESPECT HE DESERVES. HE COULD FLATTEN AN ENTIRE CITY WITH A WAVE OF HIS HAND IF HE DESIRED. NOW GET HIM ANOTHER BURGER AND THIS TIME, NO PICKLES!!!

(i swear i'll get some actual game-related stuff on here eventually)

Monday, June 15, 2009

witty title

Emily "Emi" Tulip
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Green
Occupation: Lead Guitarist
Favourite Food: whatever
Favourite Movie: Doesn't watch movies, prefers MTV
Weapon of Choice: Guitar

This is Emi. She is a punk rocker chick. She was in a band once, but the other members got carted off to prison. She also hates King Sonic like nobody's business. She hates him so much she leads the resistance force called Citizens Against Sonic (CAS). This six-man group saves people from King Sonic's prisons, tries to mess up his public appearances, and overall fights for their freedom, which brings her unwanted good reception among the citizens of Suibom.
hur, freedom fighters

Emi is STRAIGHT EDGE, she hasn't touched alcohol or drugs once. She is also kind of mean and spiteful, and likes to flagrantly disregard laws for kicks.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Amelia "Amy" Rose
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Green
Special Abilities: Sonic Radar
Occupation: Grocery cashier
Favourite Food: Sonic
Favourite Movie: Sonic
Weapon of Choice: Piko-Piko Hammer

A few years ago, Amy was captured by Metal Sonic during a trip to the Little Planet. When Sonic rescued her, she developed a crush on him. This crush slowly evolved into a life-consuming obsession, causing her to run away from home when her mother disapproved. She rented a house in Emerald Town to be closer to Sonic, and spends most of her time following Sonic around and thinking up ways to get him to spend the rest of his days with her. Her obsession brings her lots of hate from many people, and there are even internet clubs dedicated to hating her. This, plus the fact that she can never get Sonic, led her to begin drinking to get away from her problems; but that too became an addiction, and it's rare to see her completely sober. Her obsession finally culminated into her beating Sonic's then-girlfriend Sally Acorn to death in a drunken rage. Luckily the case remains unsolved, but the weight of what she did continues to crush her on the inside like so many cinderblocks.

Amy has a tendency to undergo major mood swings; she can go from happy to angry to depressed at the drop of a hat, and even more so depending on how much alcohol she's had. Although she pretends to be a damsel in distress in an attempt to get Sonic to protect her, she's a tough girl and can defend herself easily; many a person has been on the receiving end of her trusty Piko-Piko Hammer. She is a nice person deep down, but people don't usually see through her drunken, almost psychopathic exterior. And yes, she has multiple copies of the same dress; Sonic told her it looked okay once.

Amy is one of the selectable party members in BIFFgame. She'll be happy to follow Sonic around wherever he may go.

man i'm not a very good writer,especially with these profiles :I

Friday, June 12, 2009

tee hee

Brains the Echidna
Age: 26ish
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Purple
Occupation: Pipeline Monitor, Webspace Developer
Favourite Food: Fresh Fruit
Favourite Movie: Revenge of the Nerds
Weapon of Choice: Mandarin Orange Notebook

Brains is also the last of the Echidna tribe, but rather than living alone on an island, he grew up surrounded by the high-tech industries of Devil Island. He had guarded the Master Ring for a while, but King Sonic and his army seized it early in his reign from right under his nose by simply taking his glasses (he's virtually blind without them). He visits the mainland often (the smoke from the factories on Devil Island agitate his asthma) to help his best friend Kyle run his scrap yard's finances.

One word can describe Brains: NERRRRRRD. He is very smart with stuff like computing and math, and loves nothing more than calculating complex equations while chatting with friends. He's very socially awkward, especially around girls, but he's a nice guy. He also hates fighting, and tries his best to stay out of conflicts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Don't have anything gamewise to show lately so more profile i guess

Knuckles the Echidna
Age: 26 or something
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Purple
Occupation: Guardian of the Master Emerald
Special Ability: Gliding, wall climbing
Favourite Movie: Fight Club

Knuckles, the last of the ancient Echidna tribe, lived a peaceful life by himself on Angel Island, doing the duty handed down to him guarding the Master Emerald from would-be intruders. Until Sonic came. Although he is thankful to Sonic for introducing him to wonders of technology like the television, the microwave and the security camera, Knuckles does not like how he keeps being bugged all the time by everyone. Sonic and friends constantly ask him to help them out, and tourists from the Angel Island resort hotel always mistake him for a tour guide, and HE JUST WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE. (He does like company once in a while, he just doesn't like to admit it.) He does like the ladies, though, and likes to try to get one to come back to his shack whenever he heads to the mainland for supplies. He also has a good friend in Zant, a white Tails recolour who shares Knuckles' interests in women and generally gets along with him.

Knuckles has a big anger management problem, and loses his temper quite easily. He prefers to solve his problems with his fists instead of words, which does get him into a few scrapes. He's also not dumb; even though he's not that bright when it comes to stuff like math and technology, he knows a lot about ancient Echidna legends and lore.

Knuckles is going to be one of the selectable party members in BIFFgame, which is great because Knuckles is awesome :O :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

a big the cat recolour

Kyle O'Miters-Prower
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Blue
Special Ability: Strength
Occupation: Owner and sole employee of Prower Scrapyard
Favourite Food: Philly cheese steak
Favourite Movie: Die Hard
Weapon of Choice: Fists

When he was growing up with an adoptive family in downtown Brooklyn Equivalent Zone, Kyle used his huge size to teach the other children not to make fun of his two tails if they didn't want their skulls smashed in. When he was 10, he moved out on his own to Maroon Valley Zone to take over his real father's family business, following his passion for disassembling machines. As of today, the Prower Scrapyard is one of the few businesses left on Suibom not owned by King Sonic, but high taxes and low scrap sales make it hard for Kyle to stay in business. He has confronted King Sonic about this before, but this encounter left Kyle with a scar over one eye and a newfound hatred for the hedgehog.

Kyle isn't the sharpest tool in the drawer, and is generally ill-tempered, but he does have a kind heart, especially to his long-time best friend Brains the Echidna. He isn't too good of a mechanic, but he knows his way around an engine enough to keep his old dump truck, the Derecho, operational. His extra tail is generally useless (he can't fly as he is too heavy) but he's grown to accept his deformity.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

crawling in my skin

Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: Deceased (16 at time of death)
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Blue (Red when mutated)
Occupation: "Best friend" to Sonic
Favourite Food: his soul is too empty to enjoy things like food
Favourite Band: Linkin Park
Weapon of Choice: Hedge Clippers

One winter when he was young, Miles ran away from the orphanage he lived in after finally being unable to stand the taunting of the other kids about his physical deformity of an extra tail. He made his way to a forest outside of Spring Yard, where he would have frozen to death if Sonic hadn't come across him and decided to take care of him. Miles was a very smart boy, and developed a love for mechanics after Sonic was awarded a biplane for his heroic efforts. However, all was not well for Miles. He was still constantly berated for his deformity, being constantly called "Tails" against his wishes; and he would constantly be the target of abuse for Sonic's evil side, being beaten within an inch of his life for simple mistakes like runing into bombs on the Special Stage. Miles vented his frustration by taking a page from Shadow's book and becoming "emo". Despite everyone around him believing it was a phase, Miles' pain and anger culminated in him shooting himself and his then-girlfriend.

Later on, Miles was revived somehow (actually, he simply walked out of the afterlife when Death was distracted) and pledged to get revenge on Sonic for all the pain he had caused. After falling in toxic chemicals at the Chemical Plant Zone, Miles' body fused with various gardening tools he had on his posession and he became a mutated psychopath hellbent on revenge. Dubbing himself the "Hedgehog Clipper", he attempted to kill SOnic with various weapons he had outfitted the Tornado with; but ultimately failed, crashing it. He did get his revenge, though, as he managed to sever Sonic's vocal chords and shoot out his kneecaps before he died. Sonic would get surgery to repair his voice and knees later (omg mspc spoilers!), but for now the impact of what Miles had said and done would crush him.

I don't know if Miles himself will make an appearance in BIFFgame, but he will be mentioned/apear in flashbacks/etc.

Ranger's Discount Screenshot Emporium

I just uploaded all the screenshots from the thread onto photobucket.

Take a gander

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And now, we move from the main protagonist to the main antagonist!

King Sonic T. Hedgehog
Age: 23
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Green
Occupation: Ruler of Suibom, mayor and city council of all cities and towns within, owner and CEO of 80% of companies, businesses, and sports teams
Favourite Food: Chilidogs
Favourite Movie: The Life and Times of Our Most Glourious Leader, His Majesty King Hedgehog I
Weapon of Choice: Vast Military Forces

The mirror version of Sonic is a greedy, power-hungry, egotistical tyrant who rules the mirror world of Suibom with an iron fist. As a child, he was ostracized for his tendency to overeat and his severe lack of speed. This, coupled with his immense lust for power, led him to unearth one of the seven legendary Rings of Order, and use its powers to overthrow the current government and install himself as dictator of the world. He then proceeded to run the world into the ground in his pursuit of ultimate wealth by nullifying all ecological laws, allowing his industries to set up shop anywhere he pleased; removing all federal funding, allowing the cities to fall into disrepair; and setting a global income tax rate of 72%. Despite this, the majority of people are happy with his rule; King Sonic's police and military forces generally leave the commonfolk alone if they follow his laws.

When he is not making important political or financial decisions or appearing in public to speak to the populace, King Sonic enjoys eating, relaxing in his hot tub with his hired harem, abusing his staff, and looking at himself in the mirror.

Note: It is punishable by death on Suibom to make fun of King Sonic's weight. Doing so would be very ill-advised.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So here's an idea I had a while ago: post some quick write-ups on the characters of BIFFgame, just to show off how I've utterly destroyed them. What better place to start than with the main man himself?

Sonic the Hedgehog
Age: 23
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Green
Special Ability: Speed
Occupation: Hero/Pizza Deliveryman
Favourite Food: Chilidogs
Favourite Movie: The Fast and the Furious
Weapon Of Choice: Shoes

Sonic here has probably gone through more than any other character: his girlfriend Sally was murdered, he was framed for crimes he didn't do, his best friend killed himself then came back from the dead to murder him, he defeated the evil side of his mind, and is currently fighting for his life against Alex Kidd in MS Paint Chaotix. The things he's gone through have left some deep mental scars, but despite all this, he's still a happy-go-lucky guy, always quick on his feet and ready to save the day against Robotnik and his cronies. He places a high value on his friends, and would sacrifice himself for their safety if he had to. Unfortunately, this leads to him being a bit overprotective about the ones he cares about, especially after what happened to Tails...
Sonic also has a tendency to let his emotions control him sometimes, and he has a tendency to do before thinking, but otherwise he's a pretty well-rounded person and most everyone likes him (maybe some people like him a little too much).

Being the main character, he plays a very important role in the game, and except for a couple instances he will always be in the party. (A selectable party system is in the works, where you can choose from a variety of party members to be in a party of four)

I plan on doing one of these profile things every couple of days or so, so expect more walls o' text later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Crap it Has A Plot

When coming up with the plot to this game, I decided I wanted to do something that hasn't been done before in Sonic games. They already used time travel, mythical beings, getting sucked into fairytales, paranormal creature transformations, and more unwittingly unleashed ancient evils then you can shake a TVTropes entry at. Taking all this into account, I went for another cliche plot that (I thought) hadn't ben used in the Sonic universe yet: the alternate mirror dimension.

I then read about the Archie comics, which proceeded to dash my dreams of uniqueness. I HATE YOU SCOURGE. Regardless, I pressed on with the alternate world plot and made it as cliche as I could, while adding my own spin on it and completely pretending the comic never existed.

So far, the basic plot involves Robotnik (no it isn't eggman) inventing a machine that enables interdimensional travel and traveling to the industrialized dystopia of Suibom ruled by the greedy, egotistical tyrant Sonic. Robotnik creates an alliance with this Anti-Sonic to find the alternate Chaos Emeralds, the Rings of Order (hehe sonic x-treme reference) to enable Anti-Sonic to gain enough power to rule not only Suibom, but all other worlds. The real Sonic somehow gains access to Robotnik's technology, and teams up with the mirror versions of all his friends to stop Anti-Sonic and Robotnik. Now that I've typed it out it sounds really lame, but I assure you I'm planning on adding a lot more to the story as this project progresses.

This story does follow the BIFF/MSPC canon (lol I'm calling my pseudo-fanfic canon-if you haven't heard of these, check out the first blog post there's links there), which means it is set in the Mobius of the games, and pulls most of its locations and characters from there. I am also a major AoStH fanboy, so it includes all those guys (Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Wes Weasley, etc.). Even though I don't like SatAM, Underground, etc. I do plan on using those characters somewhat, so don't worry about that. More details on all this will be given later on.

So yeah. Hopefully I didn't bore/confuse/ turn off people, I 'm really not very good at explaining things. :I

Hi Everyone!

So, I got tired of people asking me "how is your fangame coming along" so i decided to start up a blog to track my progress. it's nothing fancy right now, but hopefully over time it'll get better.
For the first post, I guess I'll do a bit of an introduction to the game. This BIFFgame (working title it'll be better trust me) is a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame created with RPG Maker XP. It's going to be an RPG heavily influenced by Mother 3, and based off the storyline from the critically-acclaimed Badly Illustrated Fan Fictions, as well as the even more acclaimed MS Paint Chaotix.. All in all, athe main goal of this project is to create a Sonic game that's many times better than the crap SEGA spews out nowadays, and just to have fun with the characters and junk.

Later, I'll be posting more about the plot of the game, as well as character profiles, screenshots, and general info as time goes on, simply because I like to share things I've done with others.

For those of you who've been previously aware of this, I hope this fills your want for info on this project of mine, and for those of you who stumbled across this blog somehow, I hope you'll like what I'm doing and check back once in a while. This'll be hopefully a great way to get this fangame out in the public eye and get more people interested in it.