Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Crap it Has A Plot

When coming up with the plot to this game, I decided I wanted to do something that hasn't been done before in Sonic games. They already used time travel, mythical beings, getting sucked into fairytales, paranormal creature transformations, and more unwittingly unleashed ancient evils then you can shake a TVTropes entry at. Taking all this into account, I went for another cliche plot that (I thought) hadn't ben used in the Sonic universe yet: the alternate mirror dimension.

I then read about the Archie comics, which proceeded to dash my dreams of uniqueness. I HATE YOU SCOURGE. Regardless, I pressed on with the alternate world plot and made it as cliche as I could, while adding my own spin on it and completely pretending the comic never existed.

So far, the basic plot involves Robotnik (no it isn't eggman) inventing a machine that enables interdimensional travel and traveling to the industrialized dystopia of Suibom ruled by the greedy, egotistical tyrant Sonic. Robotnik creates an alliance with this Anti-Sonic to find the alternate Chaos Emeralds, the Rings of Order (hehe sonic x-treme reference) to enable Anti-Sonic to gain enough power to rule not only Suibom, but all other worlds. The real Sonic somehow gains access to Robotnik's technology, and teams up with the mirror versions of all his friends to stop Anti-Sonic and Robotnik. Now that I've typed it out it sounds really lame, but I assure you I'm planning on adding a lot more to the story as this project progresses.

This story does follow the BIFF/MSPC canon (lol I'm calling my pseudo-fanfic canon-if you haven't heard of these, check out the first blog post there's links there), which means it is set in the Mobius of the games, and pulls most of its locations and characters from there. I am also a major AoStH fanboy, so it includes all those guys (Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Wes Weasley, etc.). Even though I don't like SatAM, Underground, etc. I do plan on using those characters somewhat, so don't worry about that. More details on all this will be given later on.

So yeah. Hopefully I didn't bore/confuse/ turn off people, I 'm really not very good at explaining things. :I


  1. Wait, How does this alternate dimensions thing work, is it a complete opposite of what happens in the normal world or are the characters just different?

  2. I'm not exactly 100% sure, to be honest. Some things are opposite, some aren't. I'll get into more detail in a while.