Saturday, June 20, 2009

idk my bff jill

Cream the Rabbit
Age: 15
Hair Colour: Well...cream, I guess
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: Social Butterfly
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Favourite Movie: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Weapon of Choice: Purse

Like, oh my god, Cream is so, like, totally fashionable, and she, like likes to go to the mall, and hang out, and like it's so totally awesooooome

Okay, I can't write like that anymore.
In the six years between the actual Sonic games and BIFFgame, Cream has become an average teenage girl: she loves clothes and boys and she talks on the phone all day. Sadly, she neglects Cheese now; Cream is more concerned with the aforementioned clothes and boys and talking on the phone all day to pay attention to Cheese. She's also drifted farther apart from her mom, Vanilla, claiming she's "such a killjoy" and "totally doesn't understand like, how important this stuff is". Cream also has a secret crush on Charmy, but doesn't tell anyone in fear of being shunned by her peers.

Cream probably won't play too important of a role, but her mirror version will :D
are you excited? cause i am

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