Wednesday, June 17, 2009

all hail shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red
Special Abilities: Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Consume
Occupation: G.U.N. Espionage Agent
Favourite Food: all of it
Favourite Music Genre: Death Metal
Weapon of Choice: Guns. Any kind, any size, as long as it shoots stuff and kills people/blows stuff up he likes it.

Shadow is a real piece of work. He was created on the Space Colony ARK as the Ultimate Lifeform, and lived somewhat happily until the girl who cared for him, Maria Robotnik, was killed. Now, six years fresh out of stasis, he suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He constantly flashbacks to his time with Maria, sits in the dark and broods about his past, pushes everyone around him away by being unfriendly and explosively angry, has a tendency to self-mutilate, and has developed major bloodlust and love for weaponry; he is able to let many of these tendencies loose in his job as the Guardian Units of Nation's top espionage agent. Most recently, he has attempted to use food as an escape from his problems, but this failed. He ended up gaining 1700 pounds, requiring an emergency liposuction and countless hours in skin removal surgeries, all paid for by his employer. Shadow is now trying to battle his eating disorder with a strict diet, on threat of G.U.N. demoting him to a desk job.

Despite his angst and anger, way deep down in his shriveled up, black, empty heart, there is a small spark of kindness towards the ones who call hin their friend. If someone is suffering, he attempts to help them indirectly or in private so as to keep up his image and not show any weakness. And remember, HE IS THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM. WHY DOES NOBODY GIVE HIM THE RESPECT HE DESERVES. HE COULD FLATTEN AN ENTIRE CITY WITH A WAVE OF HIS HAND IF HE DESIRED. NOW GET HIM ANOTHER BURGER AND THIS TIME, NO PICKLES!!!

(i swear i'll get some actual game-related stuff on here eventually)

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