Monday, June 22, 2009

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Silver the Hedgehog
Age: 19
Hair Colour: Well....silver.
Eye Colour: Yellow
Special Abilities: Psychokinesis
Occupation: Mailman
Favourite Food: Coffee
Favourite Movie: Doesn't remember, hasn't seen a movie since Blaze...
Weapon of Choice: Whatever he can pick up and launch at people

Silver came to Mobius from the future with his best friend/girlfriend Blaze many times to help Sonic save the world. This constant time travel began to cause Silver to lose his mind, transforming from being slightly dependent on Blaze to being completely unable to live on his own, as well as forgetting important details such as his life before time travel. Because of this, Blaze agreed to stay in the present with him, taking care of him and helping him learn how to be self-reliant again. This all changed when one night while they were out on a walk together, Blaze was hit and killed by a drunk, speeding Shadow. Witnessing this event caused the already mentally fragile Silver to spiral into a major depression which affected his life enough to cause him to lose his job and be admitted into the Green Hill Mental Asylum. He would later be locked alone in a padded cell due to his violent outbreaks, fed protien shakes and administered untested trial medications for three years, until being rescued by an unwitting Amy. After escaping, he began to remember more and more, and currently resides in a small one-bedroom apartment; hiding from the asylum workers, living on coffee and increasingly ineffective antidepressants and spending his free time with a trashcan he uses as a stand-in for Blaze.

Silver is very anxious and frightens easily, and is usually gentle, but whenever he feels very depressed or threatened and angry, he adopts an out of control, violent, homicidal persona he calls Killver. Killver is incredibly focused, not hesitating to use his telekinesis to destroy anything in his path to get his revenge. Luciky, Silver is able to regain control most of the time before anything major happens.

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