Monday, June 8, 2009

a big the cat recolour

Kyle O'Miters-Prower
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Blue
Special Ability: Strength
Occupation: Owner and sole employee of Prower Scrapyard
Favourite Food: Philly cheese steak
Favourite Movie: Die Hard
Weapon of Choice: Fists

When he was growing up with an adoptive family in downtown Brooklyn Equivalent Zone, Kyle used his huge size to teach the other children not to make fun of his two tails if they didn't want their skulls smashed in. When he was 10, he moved out on his own to Maroon Valley Zone to take over his real father's family business, following his passion for disassembling machines. As of today, the Prower Scrapyard is one of the few businesses left on Suibom not owned by King Sonic, but high taxes and low scrap sales make it hard for Kyle to stay in business. He has confronted King Sonic about this before, but this encounter left Kyle with a scar over one eye and a newfound hatred for the hedgehog.

Kyle isn't the sharpest tool in the drawer, and is generally ill-tempered, but he does have a kind heart, especially to his long-time best friend Brains the Echidna. He isn't too good of a mechanic, but he knows his way around an engine enough to keep his old dump truck, the Derecho, operational. His extra tail is generally useless (he can't fly as he is too heavy) but he's grown to accept his deformity.

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