Sunday, June 21, 2009

nasty as a one-eyed snake, sugah

Coffee "Bunnie" Rabbit
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Cream
Eye Colour: Brown
Occupation: Self-proclaimed Southern belle
Favourite Food: Sweet potatoes
Favourite Sport: NASCAR
Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Coffee and her family used to be very mean people, defnding their property form anyone who dared get close. That all changed when an unserviced natural gas pipe exploded, flattening Coffee's trailer and killing her mother Chocolate and her guardchao Milk. It would have killed her too, if the good Dr. Ivan Robotnik didn't find her body in the wreckage and replace her legs and left arm with his prototype robotic prosthetics. Coffee realized that Robotnik saved her through the kindness of his heart, and learned to be kinder towards others. So touching ;o; She blames King Sonic and his lack of care for her mother's death, and is one of the more active members of C.A.S.

Coffee can be a bit abrasive towards people, but is nicer when she gets to know them better. She has a bad habit of calling people "sugah", and doesn't go anywhere without her trusty shotgun in case she has to fill someone with buckshot.

so yeah. anti-cream is basically bunnie from satam.
it works insanely well
SPEAKING OF INSANE i might post the next character later tonight

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