Friday, June 19, 2009

the ultimate <3form :3

Sunbeam the Hedgehog
Age: 25
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Pink
Occupation: SoniCorp IT Technician
Favourite Food: Protein Bars
Favourite Music Genre: Easy listening
Weapon of Choice: Tennis Racket

Sunbeam was created on the underwater colony SHUTTLE fifty years ago by an esteemed biological scientist as the perfect companion for his daughter Marissa, as his time in the world was not to be much longer due to cancer. However, after her father's death, Marissa couldn't bear to look at Sunbeam anymore, so she placed him in stasis, where he rested until approximately six years ago, when he was unwittingly released during a raid by King Sonic's troops. Sunbeam now lives a simple, happy life, living in an apartment in downtown Genocide City and going to work every day. He is a member of C.A.S., where he tries to fulfill his original purpose by making sure the other members are happy and positive.

Sunbeam is a very positive guy, always looking on the bright side of things; however he is very nervous sometimes and gets scared easily. He is kind of shy around people he's never met, but opens up once he gets to know people better. Sunbeam is a big health nut, and always carries around a few protein bars in his fanny pack. He loves nothing more than a good round of tennis and keeping his friends cheery. He has a crush on one of the secretaries at the SoniCorp office where he works, but is too nervous to ask her out.

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