Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green Hill Zone

Note: Blogger is dumb and cuts the pictures over there, so click them to see the full thing! Kind of obvious, but eh.

Finally, something that isn't freaking character profiles!

Sonic's adventure starts in the starting point of the entire series: the Green Hill Zone. Everything is here: checkered hills, striped grass, palm trees, giant sunflowers; all icons of a beautiful era gone by. Maybe it's because of this, or probably because he grew up here, but this is the place Sonic calls home.

Sonic's house itself is a respectable two-story deal on the outskirts of town. Behind it is Tails' old airplane hangar, which Sonic hasn't touched since Tails' death. Farther away lie the Green Hill Mental Asylum, which claims to offer the best treatment methods for its patients, but oddly rarely allow the patients to have visitors; and the Green Hill Cemetery and its scenic overlook of the mountains, where Sonic recently spends most of his time for obvious reasons.

South of all this, on a peninsula by the ocean known as Emerald Hill, is the small village of Emerald Town. This respectable town offers a wide variety of stores and businesses, as well as many residental options. The most important people to us that live here are Sonic's parents (and by extension Manic, who resides in their basement), Espio and Charmy, and Amy even managed to scrape up enough money to buy a house (to be closer to Sonic).

So..yeah. There's that. Look at the pretty pictures! I do hope to feature most of the zones from Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles in this game, so...this is 2 out of 30. I probably won't be including them all, but WHY NOT KEEP A TALLY

(FUNFACT: The buildings and stuff in Emerald Town are based off of yes, Emerald Town from Sonic Battle. It only seemed fitting.)


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