Wednesday, July 8, 2009

every day is like survival, you're my lover not my rival

Conspicuo the Chameleon
Age: 29
Hair Colour: Again, no hair
Eye Colour: Yellow
Special Abilities: Chameleon Color Change! yay!
Occupation: Assassin
Favourite Food: Hamburgers
Favourite Movie: anything actiony with explosions and car chases WOOO
Weapon of Choice: Knife

Conspicuo was always somewhat of a bad seed; he enjoyed causing a ruckus and getting onto trouble. When he got older, he and three other no-good ruffians formed the Xitoahc, a ruthless assassin team ready and willing to dispose of anyone if the price is right.

Conspicuo is probably the least effective member of the Xitoahc; his tough guy act is an attempt to mask his incredibly childish and reckless nature, and as such he treats his job like a game; his many scars and injuries are a testament to his recklessness. He has a tendency to yell a lot and changes colours constantly, making some of his assassin missions incredibly difficult, and driving his colleagues absolutely nuts.

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